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LifeGaines offers Microneedling for patients in Fort Lauderdale to improve the skin's overall appearance.

Microneedling In Fort Lauderdale, FL

Microneedling Fort Lauderdale FL

A lot of us have different skin concerns. But how true is it that there is a cosmetic procedure that can help treat multiple skin concerns?

Enter microneedling. Microneedling in Fort Lauderdale is an exceptional alternative to more expensive facial procedures.

One of the best about microneedling is that it is a non-invasive treatment now available in Fort Lauderdale for minor to significant skin complaints.

Microneedling in Fort Lauderdale is a great way to use the healing powers of your own body to prove you have younger-looking skin!

Microneedling is an innovation in aesthetic medicine to treat the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and dull skin to reveal younger-looking skin.

Benefits of Microneedling In Fort Lauderdale

The revolutionary technique of Microneedling in ​​Fort Lauderdale offers results comparable to those of fractional laser therapy. It effectively treats all skin types, complexions, and various skin concerns, such as acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. Unlike lasers, microneedling does not alter pigmentation or require you to hide from the world while your skin heals. 

  • Improved skin elasticity Microneedling helps stimulate new collagen formation, providing you with natural-looking lift and firmer skin. You may see continued improvement over time as the skin continuously produces collagen.
  • Brightens the skin Microneedling rejuvenates the skin; say goodbye to dry, scaly, flaky, or peeling skin. Microneedling will leave your skin a bright, fresh, and healthy glow.  
  • Reduces acne scarring Microneedling helps stimulate the growth of new skin cells with just enough collagen to give you smoother skin with an even tone.
  • Skin will absorb actives better Microneedling creates microchannels on your face. Microneedling will allow topical skincare products to penetrate deep into your skin so they can work more efficiently. 
  • Tightens the skin Over time, you may notice a reduced appearance of fine and deeper lines and wrinkles after the procedure. This will give you tighter and firmer skin.
  • Minimal downtime Microneedling is a minimally invasive and quick procedure that requires zero downtime. You can even undergo this treatment during your lunch break! Resume your daily activities right after the treatment.
  • Quick and low-pain procedure Surgeries are inherently risky, unlike microneedling, with no side effects. No need to worry about complications and infections after this treatment.

How Does Microneedling in Fort Lauderdale Work?

Microneedling in Fort Lauderdale is performed with a pen-like device with dozens of tiny needles on its tip. A microneedle device is moved across the skin, creating microchannels in the skin as it penetrates the skin at a shallow depth. When the needles pass across your skin, they send injury signals to your body without ever actually injuring you.

During this treatment, your skin is prompted to produce collagen and elastin, which boosts skin elasticity and combats minor to moderate skin conditions. 

The microchannels created on the skin allow topicals to penetrate and diffuse more effectively during the procedure. This results in your skin absorbing your skincare products more effectively! 

Microneedling is an excellent minimally invasive treatment that does almost everything: it improves the appearance of scars, boosts collagen production, and treats fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

Skin Conditions Targeted By Microneedling In Fort Lauderdale

Microneedling Fort Lauderdale FLMicroneedling in Fort Lauderdale is an effective treatment for a variety of skin concerns, including:

  • Stretch marks
  • Sun damage
  • Lines and wrinkles, including the face, neck, and upper legs
  • Acne scarring and other types of shallow scarring
  • Tired-looking, dull skin
  • Loose or sagging skin, also known as skin laxity, including around the eyelids
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Enlarged pores

What To Expect After Microneedling In Fort Lauderdale

The great thing about microneedling is there’s no significant downtime because it’s minimally invasive. Some patients may have slight redness, but this is temporary and lasts only one to two days. In no time, your skin will be back to normal, and you can resume your normal activities. Soon, the marks will disappear, leaving your skin rejuvenated and volumized. 

As with any medical treatment or procedure, the results of Microneedling in Fort Lauderdale may vary per person. You will generally notice softer and brighter skin right after the treatment. In most cases, full results are evident after 3 to 4 weeks of treatment. 

Depending on the severity of your skin concerns, you may need more than one treatment session. The deeper the skin issue, the more sessions you will need. Typically, you will have silky, soft, and glowing skin after every session. Your skin will also absorb skincare products more effectively! This collagen will remain in your skin for an extended period.

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Common Questions About Microneedling

  • Microneedling can treat many skin conditions with microneedling, including acne scarring, surgical scarring, other scars, burns, enlarged pores, wrinkles (rhytides), and stretch marks (striae). In general, the procedure will not help acne scars that are deep, narrow, or “ice-pick” shaped.

  • Peeling and flaking of the treated area may occur three to five days after microneedling due to increased skin cell turnover. This means that new skin cells are being generated right after microneedling. Be careful not to pick or scratch the treated area. Instead, moisturize the skin to help prevent dryness.

  • An ideal treatment frequency for microneedling is once every four to six weeks for most patients. Depending on your age and specific aesthetic concerns, the frequency of your treatment may vary.

  • Treatment results vary significantly between patients. You can expect improvements to last between four and six weeks after your first session.