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At LifeGaines in Boca Raton, we offer Sofwave™ to reduce wrinkles and tighten your skin

Sofwave at Boca Raton

Sofwave™ Boca Raton FL

Are you on a quest to slow down the aging process? We know that one of the number one goals of many of our patients is to keep their youthful appearance. But how do we do it?

Collagen is a protein that our body produces that helps keep our skin supple, firm, and tight. However, as we age, collagen production decreases, leading to the formation of lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

If you’re looking for a safe, effective, and non-invasive way to restructure and stimulate collagen production, visit LifeGaines Med Spa in Boca Raton. They offer Sofwave, a technology that uses Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beams Technology.

In this procedure, ultrasound energy passes through your skin and heats mid-dermal tissue to an optimal temperature. Your skin will look young and beautiful again thanks to this procedure that rejuvenates collagen fibers and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

With Sofwave™, collagen production is stimulated through an innovative way to rejuvenate the skin. There’s no downtime, but you will get smoother and younger-looking skin!

Benefits of Sofwave at Boca Raton

This procedure is safe, non-invasive, and quick and has been successfully used on all skin types to ensure patient satisfaction.

  • Improved elasticity – It stimulates the production of new collagen on the skin, providing you with more supple and firmer skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles – It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, providing you with a youthful appearance.
  • Minimizes pores – Treatment helps stimulate collagen production and evening out the skin texture, yielding increased firmness and reduced appearance of pores.
  • Non-invasive and pain-free – There’s no need for surgery! The mid-dermal tissue is heated at just the proper depth and temperature to rejuvenate collagen fibers with ultrasound energy. Patients can resume their everyday lives immediately after treatment.
  • Fast and has no downtime – Patients in Boca Raton love that this procedure is quick, easy to perform, and can fit into an active lifestyle at any time.
  • Suitable for all skin types and skin tones – Darker skin types are more likely to burn with the various light-based therapies. No matter what skin the patient has, ultrasound treatment is safe and effective.

How does Sofwave work?

Sofwave™ is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to remodel collagen, improve facial lines and reduce wrinkles, and lift the eyebrow, submental, and neck with minimal downtime in a single 30-45-minute session.

Collagen is a protein that gives the face its tone and elasticity. Over time, however, this protein begins to break down. Furthermore, our bodies produce less collagen, resulting in loose and sagging skin.

The depth for treating wrinkles is 1.5mm in the mid-dermis. Sofwave’s technology stimulates collagen production by generating heat mid-dermis. This heat energy stimulates collagen growth and results in brighter, healthier skin growth. This makes Sofwave an effective treatment for reducing lines and wrinkles on the face.

The device causes micro-injuries directly to the mid-dermis, which is an essential layer in tightening the skin. A focused ultrasound beam heats the tissue, generating new collagen and contraction, tightening it, and smoothing out fine lines. The handpiece’s built-in cooling mechanism protects the epidermis from burning and helps to focus the effect in the mid-dermis area.

The impacted treatment zones trigger a healing response known as neo-collagenase. As a result of these impacted treatment zones, collagen levels increase in the skin, resulting in a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and lifting the brow, under the chin, and around the neck.

Good candidates for Sofwave Treatments

The Sofwave treatment might be a good idea for you if:

  • You want to tighten loose skin around the eyebrow line, chin, or neck.
  • You don’t want to commit to a facelift or surgery and look for a less invasive procedure.
  • You’ve had plastic surgery in the past, and you want to prolong its effects.
  • You are 30 years or older.
  • For individuals looking for a safe and comfortable skin tightening and wrinkle-removal procedure.

What to expect after Sofwave in Boca Raton

Sofwave™ Boca Raton FLBefore any procedure, we will assess your family and medical history. We will also discuss your goals and desired results, so we can determine if this treatment is right for you to give you younger-looking skin and a radiant glow.

As with any medical treatment or procedure, the results of this treatment may vary per person. The typical Sofwave treatment is relatively quick. It takes approximately 30 – 40 minutes for the entire face and neck region. A topical anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure to ensure that you’re comfortable during the entire treatment. Ultrasound energy induces a warming sensation on the skin.

The treatment is non-invasive and quick! That is why a lot of patients in Boca Raton prefer Sofwave. They may resume their daily activities right after the treatment. Even though collagen regeneration takes up to 12 weeks, patients who receive Sofwave typically see results after one week.

Your skin will gradually improve over the next three months following your aesthetic treatment. Generally, patients only require one or two Sofwave treatments to notice the full effect. Sofwave in Boca Raton has a longer-lasting effect than other aesthetic treatments, requiring fewer touch-ups. These are good for people who don’t have the time to regularly maintain their smooth skin and those who want their plastic surgery to last longer.

Sofwave™ is the next-generation ultrasound treatment for fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Get healthy, younger-looking skin with Sofwave Treatments in Boca Raton

Are you ready to tighten your skin without going under the knife? Join thousands of men and women who have discovered the benefits of Sofwave! LifeGaines Med Spa Boca Raton now offers the Sofwave treatment to men and women looking to rejuvenate their skin and get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles.

Contact our offices today at (561) 931-2430 to schedule an appointment to learn more about how you can benefit from Sofwave.

Common Questions About Sofwave™

  • Candidates for Sofwave near Boca Raton would be in their thirties or later, with mild to moderate signs of aging (such as fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, or sagging skin.) It’s non-invasive and does not use any injections. It is an excellent solution for people who don’t like needles or prefer a different way to reclaim their youthful glow and boost collagen production.

  • Results are visible as soon as one week after treatment. Patients can expect to see ongoing improvements in 3 months after their treatment because the collagen regeneration process sometimes takes 12 weeks.

  • Sofwave is a new, non-invasive, clinically-proven ultrasound technology that stimulates collagen production to treat fine lines and wrinkles without surgery. The procedure tightens the skin and stimulates the production of new collagen fibers in areas where that has slowed or stopped due to aging or other factors.

  • All results of Sofwave last for a long time; however, these results are not permanent. To further prolong the results, you must have a maintenance treatment at least once a year, depending on how your skin regenerates.