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Ozone IV Therapy |
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Boost your immune system and let your body heal with Ozone Therapy at LifeGaines Boca Raton.

Ozone Therapy in Boca Raton, FL

Medical researchers have been using ozone therapy since the mid-19th century, with most of their research coming from Europe. UV blood irradiation (UBI) to treat diseases has been around since the 1940s. Since then, several technological and scientific advances have been made to improve ozone therapy and UV irradiation safety and understanding.

Individually, UV irradiation and ozone therapy are great alternative medical treatments: ozone therapy works as an antioxidant that can combat oxidative stress, while UV irradiation has immune-modulating properties. Ozone therapy with UV irradiation is effective immunotherapy for most immune disorders.

Among the many conditions treated with UV irradiation and ozone therapy are cancer, pneumonia, arthritis, diabetes, atherosclerosis, degenerative processes, and aging.

LifeGaines Med Spa in Boca Raton offers a way to boost your immune system. They offer Ozone therapy with UV irradiation, a non-invasive, non-pharmacological, low-cost procedure with no side effects.

Ozone therapy combines UV irradiation to boost immunity and combat many chronic diseases.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy in Boca Raton

Ozone therapy with UV irradiation stimulates oxygen uptake, so your body can function properly and prevent disease, making it a commonly discussed alternative treatment among patients with chronic illnesses.

  • Supports and modulates the immune system – As well as boosting the body’s immune system, ozone therapy has antioxidant properties that promote healing throughout the body.
  • Helps in anti-aging – Ozone therapy increases free radical scavengers in the body, keeping you young and vibrant. Ozone’s antioxidant properties can be used to treat chronic oxidative stress, neurodegenerative disorders, and anti-aging.
  • Improves cognition – Ozone therapy might help improve age-related cognitive and memory decline by increasing cholinergic communication.
  • Improves oxygen delivery – Ozone therapy stimulates oxygen metabolism, improving oxygen delivery. It reduces stress on the lungs for those with breathing disorders.
  • Adjuvant to cancer treatment – The use of ozone therapy in cancer treatment can enhance its effectiveness and reduce the side effects. Ozone therapy can also promote cancer cell death.
  • Has antiviral and antimicrobial properties – Ozone therapy has antiviral and antimicrobial properties, which you may use to treat certain viruses and bacteria. It also has potential effects on the gut microbiota.

How Does Ozone Therapy in Boca Raton Work?

Ozone IV Therapy Boca Raton FLOzone therapy stimulates oxygen uptake so the cells in the body can function correctly. Ozone therapy has many uses, including antiseptic/disinfectant, increased circulation, bactericide/virucide/fungicide/parasiticide, increased production of antioxidants, and healing agent.

Meanwhile, ultraviolet (UV) light adds energy to the red blood cells causing a healing cascade.

The combination of ozone and UV irradiation in the blood causes a synergistic effect that is safe and effective in restoring oxidative metabolism so that it can work against over a hundred serious illnesses.

Together, these two treatments address many common biological denominators in disease processes.

During a therapy session, a small amount of blood is drawn and exposed to UV light. Ozone in a mixture of oxygen/ozone is then bubbled into the blood and mixed briefly. This mixture is then administered intravenously to the patient.

Each person is different, so the dosage and protocol are not the same for everyone. This treatment is currently offered at LifeGaines Med Spa in Boca Raton.

Is Ozone Therapy in Boca Raton Suitable For Me?

There are many therapeutic uses for ozone therapy. In addition to its use for tissue regeneration and anti-oxidant properties, ozone therapy is also used for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects.

Positive results have been reported in published papers in:

  • Treating arthritis
  • Post-stroke (Acute cerebral infarction)
  • Herpes infections
  • Treating macular degeneration
  • Various dental infections
  • Intermittent Claudication
  • Canker sores
  • Viral diseases, such as HIV and SARS
  • Diabetes and associated complications, including ulcers
  • Adjunct to cancer therapy
  • Multiple sclerosis
Get a supercharged immune system, increased oxygenation, and a chance to rebalance your system through ozone therapy.

What to Expect After Ozone Therapy in Boca Raton

The ozone therapy treatment takes about 45 minutes. The frequency and number of treatment sessions necessary vary per condition.

Ozone therapy typically does not involve any downtime. Some patients report feeling the effects of ozone therapy immediately, while others feel the effects within a few days to a week. There are minimal side effects associated with ozone therapy, so you can leave the clinic right away and go to work.

Odd numbers of atoms make ozone gas unpredictable and unstable. However, the risks related to ozone therapy are very low. At LifeGaines Med Spa, we carefully monitor and administer the correct dosing to ensure safety. If you have questions on ozone therapy and which treatment is proper, speak to our doctors at LifeGaines Med Spa in Boca Raton.

That is why certified professionals must administer ozone therapy. We at LifeGaines Med Spa are skilled and certified to administer ozone therapy so that you can feel better!

Fight Diseases with Ozone Therapy in Boca Raton

At LifeGaines Med Spa in Boca Raton, we have helped thousands of men and women look and feel their absolute best through ozone therapy. Fight diseases and be a healthier version of yourself with Ozone Therapy. Contact LifeGaines today at (561) 931-2430 to learn more about ozone therapy in Boca Raton.

Common Questions About Ozone IV Therapy | Boca Raton

  • Ozone therapy consists of administering three oxygen molecules to the bloodstream to stimulate the immune system and heal wounds. Unlike oxygen we breathe, ozone is a clear gas of three oxygen molecules. In addition to treating various health conditions, ozone gas can reverse chronic oxidative stress.

  • Yes, it’s perhaps the safest medical procedure.

  • The number of treatments varies depending on one’s condition. For most patients with chronic fatigue or arthritis, twice-a-week treatment for three weeks is normal. Within the first three or four treatments, your condition usually improves.

  • Ozone therapy improves your immune system, giving it a boost to function on a whole new level. Ozone therapy is great immunotherapy, as it works on more than 100 other diseases and illnesses.

  • In general, the number and frequency of treatments vary depending on the severity of your condition, age, and overall health. Treatments can be as frequent as daily to several times per week, and there is no limit on the number of treatments. Our doctors at LifeGaines Med Spa in Boca Raton will discuss this with you and decide the most appropriate number and frequency of treatments.