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Tattoo Removal |
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Erase your tattoo with Tattoo Removal available at LifeGaines in Boca Raton

Tattoo Removal in Boca Raton

Laser Tattoo Removal Boca Raton FL

Some people regret getting tattoos, and they don’t know how to get rid of them. A tattoo can result from a drunken dare, an ex’s name, or a wrong choice in the past.

If you wish to remove such a tattoo, there are options available to you. Depending on your skin type and tattoo color, laser tattoo removal may prove difficult for you.

Thankfully, LifeGaines Med Spa in Boca Raton has experienced technicians who can advise you on the best method for removing your tattoo. Using state-of-the-art laser technology, we ensure that the laser energy is absorbed by only the tattoo’s pigment, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.

The removal of tattoos with lasers is a safe, quick, and effective method.

Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal in Boca Raton

  • Safe and effective – It is available in LifeGaines uses a PiQo4 laser that is FDA-approved. It has been proven to quickly, safely, and effectively remove tattoos. There are virtually no side effects compared to other methods.
  • Minimal damage – The tattoo removal procedure results in minimal damage to the tattooed area. It reduces the appearance of the tattoo ink without causing lasting effects to the surrounding skin. 
  • Works for any size and tattoo colors – We use PiQo4 laser, which effectively removes any tattoo. We can remove specific tattoos or just parts of existing tattoos. This laser treatment can remove tattoos quickly and effectively, saving you both time and money due to its larger size.
  • Fewer treatment sessions and faster results – The high energy emitted for it allows for fewer treatments than other tattoo removal procedures. There are faster treatment results with shorter treatment sessions!

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

How can something permanent be removed? After some time, tattoos begin to fade. Your body’s immune system recognizes tattoo ink as a foreign substance and attempts to remove it. This phenomenon is the basis for laser tattoo removal. 

At LifeGaines Med Spa in Boca Raton, we use the PiQo4 laser for tattoo removal. Using high-energy light beams, the laser breaks up pigment deposits beneath the skin. This technology makes use of both Nanosecond and Picosecond pulses. With nanosecond pulses, pigment and ink particles are broken down by delivering short bursts of energy.

The area is rescanned using Picosecond pulses, which dismantle the smaller, shallower particles. When these bursts of light cause the tattoo ink to break down, the body can harmlessly absorb the pigment.  Each pigment color absorbs a specific wavelength.

Our LifeGaines Boca Raton tattoo removal laser uses four wavelengths to remove tattoos of a wide variety of pigment colors. However, it is important to note that Laser tattoo removal cannot remove not all colors.  

Some people won’t respond as well to the treatment and be left with fragments of tattoo ink in the skin, but this may be enough for you if you’re desperate to remove your tattoo or planning to tattoo over the area – just make sure you won’t regret it again!

A laser tattoo removal procedure uses pulses of light energy to speed up the natural removal process by penetrating the skin and removing the tattoo ink.

What to Expect After Tattoo Removal in Boca Raton

Tattoo Removal Boca Raton FLDuring your initial consultation at LifeGaines in Boca Raton, Dr. Gaines and his staff will answer any questions you might have about the removal process and provide an estimate of how many treatments will be necessary to remove your tattoo altogether.

Depending on its size, color, and location, a tattoo treatment can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour. Your skin type may also be a factor. There are still some options for tattoos of every color and darker skin tone. Multiple sessions are usually needed to remove the tattoo entirely. It usually takes six to eight sessions to remove a tattoo, while larger, more intricate, and colorful tattoos can take up to ten. 

Tattoo removal in Boca Raton has very high patient satisfaction. The results of tattoo removal may vary from patient to patient. Make sure you schedule your tattoo removal in advance. This will ensure they have plenty of time to have the tattoo removed and fully healed if they are preparing for a special occasion such as a wedding.

There’s usually little to no discomfort during laser tattoo removal in Boca Raton. Many people say that their feeling during the removal is just like getting a tattoo.

After your appointment, you will receive detailed instructions on caring for the affected area. Ice is recommended immediately after laser treatments. Furthermore, a dressing will be applied to the skin for several days, and you should apply sunscreen once the bandage is removed.

Get Your Tattoo Removal Procedure at LifeGaines MedSpa in Boca Raton

Our goal is to help you be more confident about yourself and help you with your tattoo removal. At LifeGaines Med Spa in Boca Raton, we provide laser tattoo removal to safely and effectively remove your tattoo. Our premier approach to total body wellness has enabled patients throughout Florida to reach their health and aesthetic goals.

Get your tattoo removal procedure done with us. Contact LifeGaines today at (561) 931-2430 to learn more about tattoo removal in Boca Raton.

Common Questions About Tattoo Removal | Boca Raton

  •  Although you may have heard otherwise, current tattoo removal technology can remove all colors of tattoo ink, including yellow and green. At LifeGaines, we use the PiQo4 laser to remove tattoos, which delivers high-energy light beams to break apart ink deposits beneath the skin. To completely remove tattoos, multiple treatments are required. LifeGaines Med Spa Boca Raton’s certified tattoo removal specialists are well versed in this permanent procedure. An experienced professional can ensure your tattoo is removed to its fullest extent, and you are left satisfied with the results.

  • No, laser tattoo removal is not. Most people experience mild discomfort. If you can handle the pain, you shouldn’t have any trouble with this process. While tattoos can take hours to get, laser removal only takes a few minutes.

  • The removal area should be bandaged and covered with antibiotic ointment for three days after the procedure. Wear sunscreen after the bandage is removed. Getting too much sun exposure can result in severe burns on freshly removed tattoos. Keep your immune system strong during the tattoo removal procedure as a final precaution. If you want the best results, stay hydrated, limit your alcohol consumption, and avoid smoking.

  • Laser tattoo removal is rare to cause scarring, but it is still possible. You can cause scarring when you use excessive fluence to treat a tattoo (such as immediate pinpoint bleeding). So make sure an experienced professional will perform tattoo removal, and extra tender loving care is necessary after your tattoo removal procedure.