We invest in technology and laser equipment to bring you the highest quality wellness.

At LifeGaines our goal is to always stay ahead of the curve. That is to say, we are constantly updating our technology and improving our techniques. For example, we boast over a million dollars in laser equipment. That way when you come to LifeGaines you know you’re getting the best treatment options available.

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Leading edge technology.

Dr. Richard Gaines and the team believe that treatment should not focus solely on suppressing symptoms and prescribing medications. At LifeGaines our mission is to treat underlying causes and correct health problems at the source.

Our new approach to healing focuses on preserving wellness before disease and aging take hold. Dr. Gaines’ breakthrough moment was a new study in 1990 titled “Effects of Human Growth Hormone in Men over 60 Years Old.” The results of this study included improvements to cardiac, sexual, mental, and skin health.

In 2016 Dr. Richard Gaines pioneered an extremely popular and successful pulse therapy that helped thousands of men combat the effects of Erectile Dysfunction.

Recently he has developed a newer and more potent treatment option that uses focused pulse energy along with stem cell exosomes to reverse and treat erectile dysfunction.

Today, Dr. Richard Gaines is at the forefront of this rapidly evolving sexual health paradigm and continues to innovate with new anti-aging treatments to extend the number of healthy years for his patients.

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It is our goal to provide the highest quality service through the latest and most advanced technology available. And to pave the way for advancements in wellness and age management.

Richard Gaines, MD
Chief Medical Officer

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Over one million dollars in laser equipment.

At LifeGaines we own the most innovative lasers from Lumenis and Cutera. These refined medical products and have set technological and clinical gold standards.
Our current Million Dollar Laser Club includes treatments from the following lasers:

Our drive for innovation stems from an unyielding commitment to improving the health and well-being of our patients.

Learn about our lasers.

Laser Hair Removal, Pigmentation, Vascular Lesions, Wrinkles
Splendor X

Splendor X laser is an amazing system that allows us to customize comfortable hair removal and skin treatments across a wide range of skin tones like never before. ...

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Acne, Pigmentation, Scars, Wrinkles
Piq04 Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Piq04 Laser Skin Rejuvenation can erase signs of the past, such as unsightly scars, brown spots from sun damage. Get new, clear-looking skin with this revolutionary skin treatment solution. ...

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Aging, Pigmentation, Wrinkles

OxyGeneo treatment gives you beautiful glowing skin in three steps: oxygenation, exfoliation, and nourishment. ...

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Aging, Pigmentation, Wrinkles

At LifeGaines, we use the AcuPulse fractional CO2 laser device for skin resurfacing. It helps improve sun damage by minimizing discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles. This laser also treats scarring. AcuPulse removes deep wrinkles and textural changes caused by aging, sun exposure, and smoking....

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Aging, Scars, Wrinkles
XEO Laser Boca Raton

Cutera XEO multi-engine platform provides custom treatments for wrinkles, enlarged pores, irregular skin quality, and acne scarring. Today, more than 92% of laser and light-based treatments can be addressed with XEO lasers. Cutera’s multi-engine, multi-application XEO platform is the ultimate...

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Aging, Scars, Wrinkles
Stellar M22 Treatment in Boca Raton

The future of skin treatments starts now! Introducing the Stellar M22 Treatment now available near you in Boca Raton. This skin rejuvenation system has the ability to treat a wide range of skin impurities, including acne, rosacea, hair removal, spider vein removal, and much more. M22 Stellar is a...

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