Hormone Therapy

While there is no avoiding time and aging, we have the safest treatments to help you maintain your shape, retain your youthful energy, rejuvenate your skin, and bolster your stamina and confidence.

Confidently embrace aging.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy can be a life-changing treatment for aging men and women whose body is experiencing a hormone imbalance. Dr. Gaines provides a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment that will rejuvenate your hormone levels and get you feeling back to your best, healthy self.

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HGH Therapy

As we age, our body begins to lose some of its primary functionality as a result of the decreased production of Human Growth Hormones. These hormones are responsible for regulating our metabolism, strengthening bone tissue, keeping our energy levels stable, and more. Dr. Gaines is a hormone expert who is ready to help you increase your vitality, health, and wellness.  

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are several hormones in our bodies responsible for stable bodily functions and giving us an energetic and healthy life. When you experience an imbalance of these hormones, you could experience symptoms ranging from disruptions to sleep patterns to hair loss to cognitive deficiencies. Our patients receive a personalized treatment to restore their hormone levels and meet their specific needs.

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Joints Regenerative Therapy

Joints Regenerative Therapy provides a number of health improvements to those who may be suffering from chronic joint pain. This treatment encourages cell regeneration and streamlines overall joint health by utilizing exosomes, stem cells, and platelet-rich plasma. Dr. Gaines will give you a personal assessment to help you find the right treatment for your joint discomforts.

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Sermorelin | Alternative to HGH Therapy

Sermorelin is a Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP) that triggers the production of natural Human Growth Hormones, and is a more cost efficient alternative to HGH Therapy. When you’re getting into your middle ages, you may notice your body starting to slow down. By utilizing our sermorelin therapy at LifeGaines, you can continue to live your life with total health and wellness.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

As men age, their bodies produce lower levels of testosterone which decreases their energy, libido, and virility. Testosterone plays a crucial role in maintaining your bodily functions. Testosterone Replacement Therapy at LifeGaines will help you restore your testosterone levels and increase metabolism, libido, muscle strength, and energy. 

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Our Anti Aging Solutions

We specialize in non-surgical anti-aging treatments in Boca Raton. LifeGaines Medical & Aesthetics is one of the most highly respected Age Management Medical teams in South Florida. Age Management Medicine pioneer Dr. Richard Gaines has years of experience specializing in Aesthetic treatments, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Sexual Wellness, Platelet-rich Plasma, Stem Cells, and Advanced Anti-Aging treatments.

Feel restored both inside and out. With our variety of anti-aging solutions and wellness medical spa treatments in Boca Raton, you’ll receive the appearance and function you desire. Choose from up-to-date weight-loss treatments, advanced hormone replacement and optimization, regenerative cellular therapies, and various aesthetic treatments to enhance your natural beauty.

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