Body Contouring with TruSculpt provides fat reduction to targeted areas for someone who wants to see a smoother, firmer body. This revolutionary non-invasive treatment option is offered at our location in Boca Raton FL. The procedure can significantly reduce your body fat percentage, smooth the appearance of the skin, and bring you a renewed sense of confidence.

Body contouring has become incredibly popular, leading to more and more breakthroughs in the services available to you. Gone are the days when liposuction or painful tummy tuck procedures were the only options to reform and sculpt your body. We can now achieve comparable results with the use of TruSculpt technology without requiring you to go under the knife.

The TruSculpt Revolution

Body Contouring with TruSculpt uses a radiofrequency, or RF, a system to deliver targeted and uniform results to your problem areas. The RF system blasts fat cells with heat that doesn’t burn your skin. Instead, the radiofrequency focuses on and isolates the subcutaneous adipose tissue to deliver results quickly with no pain and minimal downtime.

During a treatment session, your doctor will glide the TruSculpt device over your skin in the areas that require fat reduction. In as little as 60 minutes, your fat cells can be eliminated. TruSculpt technology is most typically applied to the skin of the abdomen, glutes, and the back of the thighs.

The RF system has the ability to target the entire layer of fat present in your skin, and can even reach all the way to the muscle. This means the body contouring with TruSculpt method can provide dramatic results on some areas of your body. The fat cells that are destroyed are slowly excreted through the body’s own natural processes.

Is TruSculpt Right for You?

Body Contouring with TruSculpt is safe for all skin types and skin colors. If you’re looking to tighten your skin’s appearance while reducing inches and eliminating fat, then look no further than

Body Contouring with TruSculpt.

TruSculpt might be the solution if you’re struggling with:

  • Stubborn belly fat
  • Sagging skin after pregnancy
  • Loose skin after significant, rapid weight loss
  • Dimpled skin on the thighs or glutes

Body Contouring with TruSculpt can significantly reduce your problem areas without invasive methods. The heat from the RF technology can also encourage your skin to produce collagen and boost the effects of the skin-smoothing benefits delivered after a treatment.

Body Contouring Results and Recovery

During a treatment session, TruSculpt will deliver RF deep into your fat cells. These cells will slowly die off and be excreted from the body over time. Though you won’t see immediate results from the TruSculpt procedure, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your problem areas in approximately 3-4 weeks following your procedure. The amount of time depends on your body’s immune system and cell turnover, but you’re likely to see full result three months following treatment.

Regular diet and exercise can help your results appear even more dramatic, but rest assured that the TruSculpt technology will make a significant difference alone. You can depend on Body Contouring with TruSculpt to deliver the results that you’ve thus far been unable to achieve on your own.

Recovery from a treatment session is minimal. Most patients report experiencing minor soreness in the treated areas, but you shouldn’t experience any pain. This discomfort will disappear within the first week following treatment.

Don’t let your stubborn body fat hold your self-esteem hostage any longer. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation and find out what Body Contouring with TruSculpt can do for you.