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Posted November 5, 2022
By Dr. Richard Gaines

Why You Should Start Laser Hair Removal This Fall

Start Your Spring/Summer Preparations This Fall with Laser Hair Removal in Boca Raton.

Laser Hair Removal Boca Raton FLThe temperatures are dropping, and there’s no need to flaunt your skin anytime soon. So why should you consider getting laser hair removal this autumn?

This Fall season seems to be an effective choice for laser hair removal, and we’ll tell you why! Read more to fund out.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal may sound daunting, but fret not! Give yourself the confidence boost you need by permanently eliminating unwanted hair with laser technology.

Our specialists in Boca Raton use controlled blasts of highly concentrated light in a laser hair removal treatment to target the surrounding hair follicles. The pigment in your hair follicles absorbs the light from the lasers, which destroys the hair within the follicle.

As a result of repeated laser treatments, your hair will not grow back, and your skin will be soft and smooth.

Be confidently hair-free this fall season! Say goodbye to chicken skin-like texture and ingrown hair with laser hair removal!

How is Laser Hair Removal Different?

Traditional hair removal methods, such as shaving, plucking, and waxing, can quickly and effectively eliminate unwanted hair. However, these methods can also cause cuts, nicks, stubble, and ingrown hair, which can be painful. Compared to a traditional hair removal procedure, laser hair removal is quick, painless, and lasts longer.

Laser hair removal uses laser light pulses to destroy the hair follicle. When you shave, you remove the tip of a hair follicle, while when you wax, you remove the root of a hair follicle. However, in both instances, those hairs will grow back. By contrast, laser light targets the hair follicle, making it impossible for hair to grow back.

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Laser hair removal is a more cost-effective option than waxing and shaving. With this treatment your hair does not grow back after several sessions. While this may be more expensive upfront than shaving or waxing, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Imagine how much money you’ll save if you don’t have to buy razors, shaving cream, and monthly waxing appointments!

Why Autumn is The Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

Fall is the best time of year to begin laser hair removal treatments for several reasons, including:

  1. You can cover up between treatments.

    Waxing or plucking the area being treated by laser hair removal between laser appointments can adversely affect the skin, the hair follicles, and the results of the laser hair removal, so do not wax the area between treatments.

    Shaving between laser appointments is acceptable, though. The temperature in fall is a lot colder, and you can comfortably cover up with sweaters and jeans if you don’t want to shave between laser hair removal treatments.

  2. There’s less sunshine in the fall.

    You are staying out of the sun for days before and after your laser hair removal session is one of the most important things you can do. Laser hair removal combined with sun exposure can cause pigmentation, scarring, and even burning.

    So now the sun has put its hat away for the colder months, it’s easier to keep those areas of skin covered and away from those harmful rays. This is the perfect time to book your laser treatments sessions for your legs, arms, and upper lip area. Fall is the ideal time to get smooth and hair-free legs ready for spring.

  3. More time to be hair-free.

    To achieve the best results from this treatment, your specialist will recommend a schedule of treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. By starting during the fall and continuing appointments through winter, you should be smooth and hair-free by spring and ready to slip into a bikini for the early summer vacations.

  4. No summer tan.

    It works best when there is more contrast between the hair and skin, such as pale skin and dark hair.

    If you’re getting laser treatments, any tan (spray tan or natural) is a big no-no.

    During fall, we tend to lose any tan we may have built up during the sunny months. There’s also no need for spray tans during fall. Our naturally sun-bleached hair will start to darken as well.

    It’s a great time to start laser hair removal treatments during the fall because of the cooler weather!

    You can wrap up warm and feel more comfortable without your tan.

  5. Less sunny days and sweating.

    Laser Hair Removal Boca RatonIt can be sweltering during the summer, whereas fall has much more comfortable temperatures.
    This is important to consider, as the aftercare guidelines of laser hair removal recommend avoiding excessive sweating and sun exposure until the redness disappears.

    Even walking outside the clinic in the summer heat can cause sweating, which could interfere with your treatment.

    The temperature will be much more comfortable during the fall months, so there are fewer chances of sweating.

Fall is an Ideal Time to Begin Laser Hair Removal Treatment in these Areas:

  • Legs and arms
  • Bikini and Brazilian
  • Face
  • Back and shoulders

Be Confidently Hair-Free with Laser Hair Removal

LifeGaines Med Spa Boca Raton mission is to deliver quick, safe, and effective laser hair removal treatments in Boca Raton without downtime. We allow our lasers to work their magic even during the fall months to prep you for spring and summer adventures!

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