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Tips From ED Doctors in Boca Raton to Help Men Struggling with Erectile Dysfunction

Learn about the proven and personalized techniques that ED Doctors in Boca Raton recommend.

The issue of sexual performance and size is a sensitive subject for most men.

ED Doctors in Boca Raton understand that most men are readily aware of the pills, injections, and devices that are being advertised.

Still, they caution men who may be relying on these “quick-fix” solutions.

These doctors recommend a more personalized, comprehensive approach to solving difficulties with ED.

History of Penis Enlargement Techniques

The subject of penile enhancement techniques has a long history. In the early part of the 20th century, an Austrian doctor, Otto Lederer, invented the first penis pump, which was designed to draw more blood into the penis to make it larger both in length and girth.

The device became widely popular throughout the country as well as around the world and was regularly used by ED doctors as a treatment method for men suffering from ED. 

Following this invention, penile enhancement devices began to appear all over the world. Eventually, traction devices were created along with penis enlargement devices and vacuum-style pumps that became popular with men from all over the world. 

This was the beginning of the expansion of the male enhancement industry, with a wide array of products including vacuum pumps, penis extenders, male enhancement devices, and supplements being introduced after years of research and clinical trials by erectile dysfunction doctors. 

While these advances were in very early forms, they are what catalyzed the male enhancement industry. Since then, more medically backed treatments such as Viagra have been introduced, as well as surgical methods that promise to increase length, girth, and performance – albeit all of which have had mixed results over the years.

Viagra can provide relief for men in the short term, but a more comprehensive plan is required alongside ED doctors in Boca Raton for men to find real, lasting results.


While this is the case, modern advancements have recently led to Erectile Dysfunction doctors using more integrated treatment options that use multiple treatments to address the root cause of penile issues – poor blood flow.

While this was the root of early treatments, more modern efforts have created more personalized techniques that can have fast, safe, and extremely effective results for men of all ages. 

Some of the main treatment options that ED doctors in Boca Raton offer include: 

  • Dual Stim Shockwave Therapy

Dual Stim Shockwave Therapy is a new treatment option offered in the Boca Raton area that uses an advanced version of shockwave therapy. The unique treatment utilizes an FDA-approved approach to add more girth and thickness to both flaccid and erect penises.

Instead of the typical radial spread of the waves used in most treatments, DualStim applies focused waves to the penis in a painless procedure. The more targeted application of energy provides more accurate results and leads to fewer treatments over time.

  • Priapus Shot

The P-shot was a breakthrough in that it was one of the only clinically proven non-surgical treatments for ED that went right to the cause of erectile dysfunction – poor blood flow!

The secret to the P-shot is Platelet Rich Plasma, better known as PRP. PRP is made from your own blood, and it is full of powerful stem cells and growth factors. Once injected, these healing factors in PRP help to improve blood flow to the penis. They also stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and tissue. 

PRP uses your body’s natural blood, which removes the risk of infection and allergic reactions. The P-Shot is a safe way to combat the adverse effects of ED by jumpstarting your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Patients who undergo this therapy report longer, stronger, more sustainable erections, and increases in penis size.

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy is a form of hormone therapy that can help rebalance the levels of testosterone that your body produces. This therapy can help you reclaim your vitality and improve multiple aspects of your health – including your sexual libido and ability to perform. Over time, testosterone levels can naturally become more depleted due to the natural aging process, poor diet, and other health complications that result in an unhealthy lifestyle.


ED Doctor Boca Raton FL

The ED Doctors in Boca Raton understand the importance of helping men balance their ED levels properly. 

Alongside professional and experienced erectile dysfunction doctors, you can learn more about your hormonal health and why it is essential to keep this system balanced if you want to feel full of natural energy and a drive to live your life to the fullest, both in your everyday life as well as in the bedroom. 

Overall, male enhancement is an area that has developed to the point where it is able to safely and quickly help men overcome their sexual struggles and begin to make progress and gain more confidence in themselves. 

ED Doctors in Boca Raton specialize in helping men struggling with ED to address the main factors that are reducing their ability to enjoy their sex life.

If you are struggling with physical or psychological issues related to sex, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Boca Raton ED doctor to learn more about which modern treatment options are right for you. 

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