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Sofwave for Facial Aesthetics

One of the most common aesthetic goals shared by millions of patients is looking younger. While many different options exist, there is one that you potentially have not heard of.
Sofwave introduces an advanced facial treatment utilizing Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam technology to firm the skin and rejuvenate the desired area aesthetically. This technology produces heat at a depth of 1.5mm, which is the standard depth for treating wrinkles.

What is Sofwave?
Sofwave is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to enhance collagen, eliminate face lines and wrinkles, and elevate the brow, submental, and neck with minimal downtime in a single 30-45-minute session.
Collagen is responsible for the tone and flexibility of the face. Over time, however, this protein begins to degrade. Our bodies create less collagen, causing loose and drooping skin.
The heat energy with Sofwave promotes collagen formation, resulting in brighter and healthier skin. This makes Sofwave an excellent treatment for decreasing facial lines and wrinkles.

Why Sofwave?
Sofwave at Lifegaines utilizes an integrated cooling feature known as Softcool, which helps safeguard the top layer of skin from burns or damage. Using multiple ultrasound beams enables extensive coverage with each pulse of the device, resulting in effective treatment and fast results.
Sofwave is also an incredibly safe procedure. Appropriate for all skin types, Sofwave uses heating and cooling systems at the same time along with a real-time monitoring system to analyze skin temperature. This combination helps safeguard all skin layers from harm.
Patient satisfaction with Sofwave is exceptionally high. This is due to consistent positive results coupled with almost no downtime.

What are Sofwave Treatments Like?
Each patient will have a custom treatment plan. However, the majority of Sofwave plans with Lifegaines consist of only one or two treatments. This is dependent on the patient’s individual skin properties and concerns.
During treatment, a topical cream is used, followed by ultrasound Sofwave energy. The patient will feel a warming sensation throughout the treatment area, which is comfortable and pain-free.
The device creates micro-injuries to the mid-dermis, an important layer for tightening the skin. A focused ultrasonic beam warms the tissue, stimulating collagen production and contraction, tightening, and smoothing out tiny wrinkles. The handpiece’s built-in cooling mechanism prevents the epidermis from burning and helps to concentrate the effect in the mid-dermis.
Following your Sofwave treatment, there is no need for any extra special care! You can continue with your usual routine and get back to your regular daily tasks.

When Do Results Emerge?
Sofwave aims to stimulate a natural process in the skin to boost collagen and elastin production and reduce age lines and wrinkles. So, changes will be visible gradually within 10-12 weeks. Patients typically observe the full outcome of their results after approximately 12 weeks. Fine lines and wrinkles will be noticeably reduced, giving your treatment area a more youthful and vibrant look.

Schedule a Sofwave Consultation
If you are looking to improve your skin, look younger, and feel more confident. Contact Lifegaines today for a consultation. We can go over Sofwave in its entirety, address any concerns you may have, and start a plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Call today!