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Research of ozone therapy as a viable means to fight viral infections such as the coronavirus.


Ozone therapy has shown the possibility of becoming a viable solution to fighting both viral and bacterial infections. However, we have seen little study of oxidation therapies(i.e. ozone) because they are not profitable to large pharmas. In a recent study of administering ozone therapy to Ebola victims in Sierra Leone “All five patients responded immediately… [and] made a full recovery within four days or less.”¹

As a US citizen, and not a corporate bigwig, I have the right to request government funding be spent looking into this cheap and efficient solution to the current problem we face.

1. Rowen R. Ozone and oxidation therapies as a solution to the emerging crisis in infectious disease management: a review of current knowledge and experience. Medical Gas Research. 2019;9(4):232-237.

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