When it comes to tattoos, many people regret getting them and they are not sure how to get rid of them. At LifeGaines, our team can help you with tattoo removal using state-of-the-art laser technology.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

We use the PiQo4 laser for tattoo removal, which provides high-energy light beams to shatter pigment deposits underneath the skin. When these bursts of light cause the tattoo ink to breakdown, the body can naturally (and harmlessly) absorb the pigment. Multiple treatment sessions are often necessary to remove the tattoo completely. The number of sessions needed will depend on your tattoo’s size, location, quality, and color. During your consultation at LifeGaines in Boca Raton, Dr. Gaines and his staff will answer any questions you might have about the removal process and provide you with an estimate of how many treatment sessions he expects it will take to remove your tattoo fully.

What to Expect After Your Appointment?

You will be provided with detailed instructions on caring for the affected area following the appointment. Ice is recommended immediately after treatment. Additionally, a dressing will be placed over the skin for several days, and sunscreen should be applied once the dressing is removed.

What is the PiQo4 Laser?

The PiQo4 laser is the best for any tattoo removal because it treats a wide range of tattoo colors and sizes. This laser can remove tattoos quickly and effectively, saving you both time and money due to its larger size.

Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

Most patients report minimal amounts of discomfort during their laser removal in Boca Raton. In fact, many say the feeling they experience during the removal is similar to that of getting a tattoo.

Why Choose Life Gaines?

Dr. Richard Gaines and his team have been successfully treating patients for decades. Our premier approach to total body wellness has enabled patients throughout Florida to reach their health and aesthetic goals.